O Albatross


O Albatross

O Albatross is Linnea Gwiazda and Cory Thibert (May Can Theatre & Wolf Pelt Productions). Coming from their respective backgrounds in dance and theatre with a focus on interdisciplinarity, together Linnea and Cory produce work which is a meeting of their individual and collaborative processes. Approaching darkness through play and laughter through the bittersweet, O Albatross presents performance and film in both workshop and "finished" stages, engaging with a community of independent producer-makers passionate about developing and discussing creative processes and experimentation. 

Current Projects:

AWKWARD HUGO Albatross is currently producing a full-length storytelling show, AWKWARD HUG, written & performed by Cory Thibert, directed & stage managed by Linnea Gwiazda, with dramaturgy by TJ Dawe. AWKWARD HUG premiered at Intrepid Theatre (Victoria, BC) in February 2018 and toured across Canada in the summer of 2018 travelling to 8 Fringe Festivals. AWKWARD HUG is critically acclaimed, and has been acknowledged with awards & nominations including the BC Touring Council Award (Vancouver, BC), Best Storytelling/Spoken Word Show (Victoria, BC), Best Solo Show Runner-up (Victoria, BC), Best English Production Nominee (Montreal, QC) and was a Critics Pick in Now Magazine (Toronto, ON) & The Georgia Straight (Vancouver, BC). Stay tuned for upcoming show dates.

They Grieve Music Video - Cory and Linnea are currently working on a music video for the Ottawa band They Grieve. The video is in post production and is set for release in 2018.

m e a s u r e - This is O Albatross's first duet and has thus far, only been performed as a workshop version. Inspired by the beginning of Cory and Linnea's romantic relationship (in which there was a lot of distance and missing), m e a s u r e explores the act of being together while apart, through numbers, movement, words and time. Stay tuned...

New Concoctions - O Albatross produces an event of new works, works in progress, and fresh, performative concoctions. After their inaugural edition in March 2018, Cory and Linnea hope to be back with an Autumn 2018 edition, with all new projects from dance to storytelling, projection to physical theatre. New Concoctions brings together a diversity of media and creative minds for a cozy showcase of experimentation. Stay tuned...

Lunch/Dinner Hour Sock Hop - O Albatross produces Linnea's Sock Hops. Lunch Hour Sock Hop & Dinner Hour Sock Hop have taken place at Cory and Linnea's home studio, The Gold Saucer. Lunch/Dinner Hour Sock Hop welcomes you to an hour of DANCING HOWEVER YOU WANT TO. Lunch/Dinner Hour Sock Hop is taking a hiatus for the summer while O Albatross is on Tour. Stay tuned for Sock Hops in Autumn 2018 in Vancouver.